Stop Smoking Clinic

Stop Smoking NOW! is a two hour smoking cessation treatment program, developed at the Integrative Health Center located at New York College of Health Professions, to help patients stop smoking easily, safely and painlessly. Our acupuncture program has been successful for years in helping thousands of patients free themselves from the smoking habit. This program is held on Friday evenings and includes a short video on smoking and its negative effects, a lecture, a discussion, and relaxation techniques for stress management. Participants then receive a private acupuncture treatment and leave with a support audio cassette.

The physical discomfort that is the basic experience of nicotine addiction is caused by the spasmodic vasoconstriction that follows 20-30 minutes after smoking a cigarette. One acupuncture treatment can terminate these physical withdrawal symptoms, helping smokers to Stop Smoking NOW!

Stock Photo by Uitbundig on Unsplash