Grading Policy

Grading Policy

All courses that students register for that have not been dropped as permitted during the designated add/drop period, are added to their official transcript. The academic grading scale is as follows:

NOTE: Each course syllabus will list the minimum passing grade for the course.

Grade               Grade Equivalent                            GPA
    A                           (93-100)                                     4.0
   A-                           (90-92)                                      3.67
   B+                          (87-89)                                      3.33
    B                            (83-86)                                      3.0
   B-                           (80-82)                                      2.67
   C+                          (77-79)                                       2.33
    C                            (73-76)                                       2.0
    C-                          (70-72)                                       1.67
     F                        (Below 70)                                   0.00
    W*                      Withdrawal                                 0.00
   WF                  Withdraw/Failing                          0.00
    P*                          Passing                                      0.00

* This grade is not included in GPA calculation


Administrative Grades
AP          Advanced placement: Student has passed a Challenge Exam. (Not part of the GPA)
I              Incomplete: Assigned to students who have not satisfied all academic requirements for a course. Students who receive an Incomplete in any given course are expected to satisfy the academic requirements for the “I” grade within two weeks of the end of the course. Students who receive an “I” in the Massage Clinic 1 and 2 are given until the second week of the following trimester to complete the academic requirements. Incomplete grades that are not made up by the end of this period are automatically changed to an “F”. It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her instructor to make up any missed work or exams to satisfy the academic requirements of the course. 

PL           Prior Learning Credit (Not part of GPA)
T              Transfer Credits: Indicates satisfactory completion of equivalent course work completed at another institution. (Not part of GPA) 
W            Withdrawn: Student has officially withdrawn from the course. (Not part of GPA)
WF         Withdrawn Failed: Student does not meet course requirements for reason of non-attendance and receives a filing grade. (Part of GPA).

Grading Criteria
Grades are generally based on a combination of exam scores, research papers or assignments, participation, and contribution to the class, etc. The specific weighting that will be used in determining grades may vary based on the course and may be obtained from the instructor or contained in the respective course syllabus. Classes may have both practical and written examinations. The general criteria for evaluating practical examinations and other factors such as participation in class, ability to accept correction, adherence to required dress code and hygiene may be used in calculating a student’s grade.


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