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The New York College of Health Professions is committed to providing an atmosphere in which students can pursue their educational goals and achieve personal growth.

Maintaining a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff has long been recognized as an essential part of the college life.

At the New York College of Health Professions, safety and security are of the highest priority and are considered a shared responsibility, requiring the cooperation of the entire college community concerned.

The College has established policies and procedures to ensure the well-being of members of the college community.   

All forms of discrimination, harassment (including sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking) and retaliation are prohibited on the campus.

The College advises and updates the college community about security procedures through a variety of means, including College publications, on-campus meetings and trainings, new student orientation programs, internet resources, and email, as necessary.

This page provides educational resources related to your safety.