Courses of Study – Massage Therapy Program

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Massage Therapy Program (AOS)

The 72-credit recommended course of study for the Massage Therapy program, with electives, outlined below is designed to be completed in 6 trimesters (or 2 academic years), but can be completed in 5 trimesters or 20 months as well. For students who must work at a full-time or part-time jobs while in attendance or have other responsibilities outside of school, students may attend New York College as part-time students. Part time students must complete their course study of AOS Massage Therapy program within the maximum of 3 academic years.

For graduates of the Massage Therapy program, some course’ credits can be evaluated and transferred into the BPS/MS Degree Program when enrolling either the Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine program.

Note: that all courses listed below are undergraduate-level.

Six Trimester Recommended Course of Study – 72 Credits/1380 to 1530 Hours (Recommended Full-Time)

Year 1 – 36 Credits/705 or 720 Hours
Trimester 112 Credits/225 HoursCreditsHours
HS 111Anatomy and Physiology I475
HS 113Myology I345
OS 106Holistic and Public Health230
WT 101Swedish Technique I245
PA 300Introduction to Physical Arts130
Trimester 212 Credits/210 HoursCreditsHours
HS 112Anatomy and Physiology II475
HS 201Myology II345
OS 110Fundamental Theory of Channels and Points345
WT 202Swedish Technique II245
Trimester 312 Credits/255 or 270 or 285 HoursCreditsHours
WT 213Medical Massage I245
WT 110Swedish Practice Lab130
AT 110Asian Bodywork I245
WT 218Reflexology (Required may be taken in another trimester)245
PA 301/311/321Tai Chi I/Yoga I/Qi Gong I130
HS 214Neurology345
Year 2 – 61 Credits/1125 Hours
Trimester 412 Credits/225 or 240 or 255 hours or 270 hoursCreditsHours
C 200Introduction to Clinic115
HS 215Kinesiology345
WT 214Medical Massage II245
AT 210Asian Bodywork II245
Trimester 512 Credits/240 or 255 or 270 HoursCreditsHours
HS 202Pathology I345
AT 220Asian Bodywork III245
M 204Medical Ethics/Practice Management230
C 201Massage Therapy Clinic I260
Trimester 612 Credits/225 or 240 or 255 hours or 270 hoursCreditsHours
HS 203Pathology II345
TMR 101Total Massage Review230
C 202Massage therapy Clinic II390
Total Credits72