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Massage Therapy Program (AOS)

The 72-credit Recommended Course of Study for the Massage Therapy program with electives outlined below is designed to be completed in 24 months, but can be completed in 20 months as well. Some students, however, who must work at full- time or part-time jobs while in attendance or have other responsibilities outside of school. May attend New York College as part-time students. For these students, part-time courses of study is available.

Note that all courses listed below are undergraduate-level.

Six Trimester Recommended Course of Study – 72 Credits/1380 to 1530 Hours (Recommended Full-Time)

Year 1 – 36 Credits/705 or 720 Hours
Trimester 112 Credits/225 HoursCreditsHours
HS 111Anatomy and Physiology I475
HS 113Myology I345
OS 106Holistic and Public Health230
WT 101Swedish Technique I245
PA 300Introduction to Physical Arts130
Trimester 212 Credits/210 HoursCreditsHours
HS 112Anatomy and Physiology II475
HS 201Myology II345
OS 110Fundamental Theory of Channels and Points345
WT 202Swedish Technique II245
Trimester 312 Credits/255 or 270 or 285 HoursCreditsHours
WT 213Medical Massage I245
WT 110Swedish Practice Lab130
AT 110Asian Bodywork I245
WT 218Reflexology (Required may be taken in another trimester)245
PA 301/311/321Tai Chi I/Yoga I/Qi Gong I130
HS 214Neurology345
Year 2 – 61 Credits/1125 Hours
Trimester 412 Credits/225 or 240 or 255 hours or 270 hoursCreditsHours
C 200Introduction to Clinic115
HS 215Kinesiology345
WT 214Medical Massage II245
AT 210Asian Bodywork II245
Trimester 512 Credits/240 or 255 or 270 HoursCreditsHours
HS 202Pathology I345
AT 220Asian Bodywork III245
M 204Medical Ethics/Practice Management230
C 201Massage Therapy Clinic I260
Trimester 612 Credits/225 or 240 or 255 hours or 270 hoursCreditsHours
HS 203Pathology II345
TMR 101Total Massage Review230
C 202Massage therapy Clinic II390
Total Credits72