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The New York College of Health Professions Massage Therapy program is offered as an advanced 72 credit Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) degree program. Graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the New York State licensing exam, as well as to sit for the Massage Board Licensing Examination (MBLEx).

New York College of Health Professions Massage Therapy Program offers many currently practiced modalities of massage therapy in addition to its core curriculum of European Swedish massage therapy, which is based on standard Western anatomy and physiology, and Asian Bodywork, which is based on the principles of oriental medicine.

The therapeutic benefits of massage and bodywork therapy have become widely recognized. Documentation on the effects of massage show that it improves circulation, can help heal sports injuries, alleviate stress, headaches and other aches and pains. When practiced in a full continuum of holistic health care, massage also can be used to help arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis and neuromuscular diseases, among others.

Licensed Massage Therapists from accredited schools of massage therapy have their choice of career paths practicing in spas, resorts, gyms and health clubs, on cruise ships, with athletic programs and professional sports teams, in holistic clinics, wellness centers, many prestigious hospitals, or in private practice. An advanced massage therapy education can also lead to a career in growing specialties like academics, research, sports medicine and stress management programs.

Student Learning Outcomes for the School of Massage Therapy

Upon successful completion of the Massage Therapy program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills in the art and science of Eastern, Western, and Therapeutic Medical Massage modalities as entry-level practitioners
  2. Integrate the knowledge of Western Health Sciences and both Eastern and Western Massage Therapy Principles to promote critical thinking, enhance problem solving, and consistently document massage therapy sessions thoroughly and accurately within a clinical setting
  3. Develop a strategy of self-care, successful practice, business, or employment within the field of massage therapy
  4. Demonstrate ethical and legal behavior, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication with clients and other healthcare professionals
MT Program Course of Study

The 72-credit recommended course of study for the Massage Therapy program, with electives, outlined below is designed to be completed in 6 trimesters (or 2 academic years), but can be completed in 5 trimesters or 20 months as well. For students who must work at a full-time or part-time jobs while in attendance or have other responsibilities outside of school, students may attend New York College as part-time students. Part time students must complete their course study of AOS Massage Therapy program within the maximum of 3 academic years.

For graduates of the Massage Therapy program, some course’ credits can be evaluated and transferred into the BPS/MS Degree Program when enrolling either the Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

New York College of Health Professions is committed to providing students in the School of Massage Therapy Program with all necessary means to assist them in succeeding in school and in their goal of becoming holistic practitioners. We offer financial aid and scholarships for all qualified students. All students are provided with the option of installment plans to help with tuition payments.

Clinical Education

A thorough grounding in academics is essential to any health care practitioner.  The faculty teaches the importance of partnership – with the patient and with other members of the holistic medical team as well as Western medical professionals.  This team approach benefits both students and patients and is one of the reasons New York College places a high premium on internships.  Each massage therapy program student will spend 150 supervised hours of massage therapy training in our Academic Health Care Teaching Clinic. There, they will talk with patients about their concerns, work with faculty to assess and treat illness with appropriate massage therapy techniques and educate patients on making healthy lifestyle choices.


New York College of Health Professions faculty includes American, European and Asian instructors whose diverse backgrounds and experiences reflect the integration of the principles and methodologies of the East and the West. Faculty members represent the different disciplines within the field of integrative medicine, including specialists in holistic modalities, and Ph.D.’s from the academic world and other health care professions. The combination of clinical proficiency, academic excellence and experience in complementary medicine makes New York College of Health Professions  faculty truly unique.

Licensing & National Certification

Our Massage Therapy Program requirements exceed the certification and licensing requirements set forth by the appropriate regulatory bodies. Graduates who earn their massage therapy degree from this program are well prepared to sit for both the New York State licensing exam and the national certification exam.

New York State Massage Regulations

Massage Therapy has been a licensed profession in the State of New York since 1968. Licensure is a requirement for the practice of any form of massage therapy. New York College of Health Professions offers a New York State approved licensure-qualifying program in therapeutic massage. Successful completion of Massage Therapy course of study offered by the school qualifies graduates who meet all other state requirements to sit for the licensing examination in massage therapy.

Currently, the New York State licensing examination is administered twice annually, in January and August.

To qualify for a Massage Therapy license in the State of New York an applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete and file an application with the New York State Education Department
  • Candidate must be a high school graduate or have the legal equivalent education (GED) or have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours at an accredited college or university
  • Candidate must be a graduate of a New York State registered Massage Therapy program or have equivalent education
  • Pass a written examination satisfactory to the Board and in accordance with the Commissioner’s regulations
  • Candidate must be either a U.S. citizen or alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S. Documentation beyond the candidate’s affirmation is not required.
  • Candidate must be of good moral character
  • Candidate must be at least 18 years of age
  • Candidate must hold current Red Cross or American Heart Association Certification in CPR and First Aid
  • Initially a fee of one-hundred and eight dollars ($108.00) is paid to the New York State Education Department and a fee of two-hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) to their testing agency. Thereafter, a triennial registration fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) is required.

To receive further information about licensing in New York State, contact the office of the State Board for Massage, New York State Education Department at (518) 474-3817, ext. 150 or write to the State Board for Massage Therapy, The State Education Department, State Education Building, 2nd floor, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12234-1000; or e-mail:

Note that some states do not qualify graduates to practice massage therapy and/or differ in their licensing requirements. Check the individual requirements of the state(s) in which you plan to practice, or contact the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, an independent, not-for-profit organization at 8201 Greenboro Drive, Suite 300, McLean, VA 22102. 1-800-296-0664.  E-mail: