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Registration Policy

Registration for the next trimester occurs in the 11th and 12th week of the current trimester. Failure to complete registration during the designated timeframe will result in a late registration fee. Payment of the late registration fee is required to be enrolled in the courses. Students are responsible for ensuring that all co and prerequisites are met for the courses they are registering for.

Registration for courses is completed on a first come, first served basis. Students will receive the course schedule prior to the start of the registration period. Students are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to the start of registration to discuss and obtain assistance in choosing appropriate courses. Students will not be officially registered until all departments in Enrollment Services (Advisor, Bursar, Office of Financial Aid, and the Registrar) have approved of the registration in writing. Once a student completes registration, he or she cannot make changes to the courses selected until the designated add/drop period.


Add Drop Policy

Students can make changes to their schedule after registration is completed only during the designated add/drop period. The add/drop period begins on the Monday immediately following registration through the end of the first week of the trimester.

Changes made to a student’s schedule prior to the start of the trimester do not incur a charge. Changes made to a student’s schedule after the trimester begins incurring a charge of $35.00 per change. If a student drops a course and adds a course, this counts as two changes, which will result in a charge of $70.00. If a student receives financial aid, he or she must meet with Financial Aid prior to submitting an add/drop form to discuss how the changes will affect his or her tuition and financial aid eligibility. All changes to a student’s schedule must be made by submitting an add/drop form.

From the beginning of the second week of the trimester until the end of the ninth week, students can withdraw from a class by submitting an add/drop form. When students withdraw from a course up to the ninth week after the start of the trimester, the course remains on their official transcript with the grade of “W”, and their GPA is not affected. There are no refunds for course withdrawals that occur after the first week of the trimester. Any course withdrawal after the ninth week of the trimester will be assigned a grade of “WF”, which does affect the student’s GPA.


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