Oriental Science

Marcia Fishkin, BPS/MS, MS, Family Nursing, MS Economics, BS, AOS, CNS, CNAT, RN, LMT (NY)

  • Master of Science (Oriental Medicine), Bachelor of Professional Studies (Health Science), New York College of Health Professions
  • Master of Science (Family Health Nursing), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mercy College, NY; Master of Science (Economics), Universidad Central Del Ecuador
  • Bachelor of Science (Nursing), College of New Rochelle, NY
  • Associate in Occupational Studies (Massage Therapy), New York College of Health Professions
  • Certified Nurse Amma Therapist, New York College of Health Professions, NY
  • Holistic Nurse Practitioner with Wholistic Nurse Practitioner Associates, NY
  • Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist, New York State