Christina Biancaniello, BPS/MS, LAc (NY)

Master of Science (Acupuncture) and Bachelor of Professional Studies (Health Sciences), New York College of Health Professions; Licensed Acupuncturist New York State. Christina began her studies in Acupuncture after a car accident left her with chronic pain as a teenager. A search for natural ways to balance her mind and body led her to acupuncture, nutrition, and physical arts. In 2017, she furthered her post-graduate studies in Traditional Japanese Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy with world-renowned Acupuncture masters from Japan and the United States, learning to bring a gentle and thorough approach to diagnosis, palpation and needling. Christina learns about each patient through active listening and a complete evaluation to create a treatment plan specific to each patient that supports and enhances their foundation for complete health and wellness.