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Date: May 12, 2023


Dear All Students, Faculty and Staff, 

As you know from previous announcements, the New York College of Health Professions (College) is in the process of transitioning its institutional accreditation from the New York State Board of Regents and Commissioner of Education (NYSBOR) to the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). This is due to the NYSBOR no longer seeking to renew its recognition by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) as an accrediting body after May 9, 2023.

Effective May 9, 2023, the College is no longer institutionally accredited by NYSBOR. Under the current rules of the Federal Student Aid Office (FSA) of the USDOE, it is the view of the FSA that the College’s Title IV eligibility remains in good standing. As a result, the College is eligible for an 18-month extension of Title IV certification. Note, there is no guarantee the USDOE will grant the College the 18-month extension of Title IV through November 8, 2025.

Currently, the FSA is in the process of preparing the College’s “reasonable cause” letter which gives the College the approval to switch accrediting agencies. The College is awaiting the official notification from the FSA.

Regarding NECHE, following the site visit in late May, the earliest possibility for the Commission to decide on the College’s accreditation status will be in September of 2023 or at its subsequent meeting in November of 2023.

For students enrolled in the Graduate School of Oriental Medicine, the College is currently working with the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM) to maintain its programmatic accreditation for both the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine programs. Note, there is no guarantee that ACAHM will not withdraw its programmatic accreditation.

In consideration of the above significant risks and to protect pecuniary and time investment of the students, the College has decided to temporarily halt all classes for all programs effective May 9, 2023. If circumstances change such that the College can offer classes for one or more programs, all members of the College community will be promptly notified.

During the above processes, the College will continue to work closely with the USDOE, NYSBOR, NECHE, and ACAHM.

As discussed in previous meetings, all students have the option of going on a Leave of Absence for the summer semester or consider transferring to another institution. The College is more than happy to assist with either decision.

Should you have any questions, please contact your program dean for further information.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support!

Executive Office

New York College of Health Professions