Leave of Absence Policy

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Leave of Absence Policy

Matriculated students in good academic standing and financial standing may request a Leave of Absence by submitting a Leave of Absence Form to the Office of Student Services prior to the beginning of the term. The College may approve a Leave of Absence that will be valid for one trimester only. Students can take a Leave of Absence only once per academic year. Students will not incur any charges during an approved Leave of Absence. Students on Leave of Absence are ineligible to receive any financial aid during the period of the approved leave. Please contact the Office of Student Services for further information on this procedure.

It is the policy of the College to automatically withdraw from enrollment in its programs any student who failed to return to the College in the trimester following an approved Leave of Absence. Failure to return from an approved Leave of Absence will also affect the student’s repayment of any outstanding student loans. Students must consult with the Office of Financial Aid for further details regarding the impact of Leave of Absence on student loan repayment.

If a student does not obtain a Leave of Absence and wishes to re-enroll in the College, he or she will be required to apply as a new student and will be responsible for the terms of admission and program requirements applicable in the terms of readmission.


Reviewed 2023 01