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New York College of Health Professions is committed to conducting research in a way that protects your safety and protects your rights and welfare. In accordance with Federal law, New York College of Health Professions has established the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review all research involving human participants.


Rights of Research Participants

If you are considering participation in a research study, it is important to understand your rights. As a participant, you are entitled to:

  1. Adequate time to contemplate your involvement in the study without feeling pressured by the researchers.
  2. Opt out of participation or withdraw at any point without facing penalties or forfeiting any entitled benefits.
  3. Detailed information about the study’s purpose, what is expected of you, and the procedures involved.
  4. Challenge or decline any tests or procedures not explicitly outlined in the consent form you’ve approved.
  5. Awareness of the reasonably foreseeable risks associated with the study.
  6. Updates on significant new information related to the study that might affect your decision to continue participating.
  7. Information on the potential benefits of participation.
  8. Clarity on any costs tied to the research.
  9. Compensation for participation as specified in the consent form.
  10. Reimbursement or provision of study-related procedures/tests as indicated in your signed consent form.
  11. Treatment or compensation for treatment in case of any adverse events, as specified in the consent form.
  12. Contact details for queries about the research, any research-related injuries, and your rights as a participant (relevant for therapeutic or treatment studies).
  13. Information on alternative non-research treatments available to you.
  14. The option to seek other treatments for your condition instead of joining the research.
  15. The option to maintain your current treatment rather than participating in the study.
  16. The liberty to question study staff about the research, lab test outcomes, or any diagnostic procedures.
  17. Knowledge about available treatment for any research-related injuries and the responsibility of treatment costs.
  18. Understanding of who will access your personal information and how your privacy will be safeguarded.
  19. A signed copy of the Informed Consent or Assent Forms if you decide to participate, for your records.

For a comprehensive understanding of research participation, consider visiting the “About Research Participation” section on the Office for Human Research Protections website.

Your Choice as a Research Volunteer

If you have queries or concerns about your rights in research, please reach out to:

Institutional Review Board

New York College of Health Professions

6851 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 210

Syosset, NY 11791

(516) 364-0808 x561