T’ai Chi for Professionals

T’ai Chi Chuan, an ancient Chinese system of exercise is intended to be the basis of ongoing practice in physical development and training necessary for any practitioner of the healing arts. To facilitate the goal of becoming a competent Oriental Medical Practitioner, T’ai Chi Chuan, a Taoist form of exercise and active meditation, is studied for the development of sensitivity, levels of awareness, strength and stamina, correct physical posture and alignment, as well as control of the practitioner’s energy system. As a result of the concentration and practice of subtle awareness required to master T’ai Chi Chuan, the movement of energy becomes a cognitive experience for the practitioner. The practice of T’ai Chi Chuan, under the appropriate conditions of instruction and effort, can ultimately lead the practitioner to a direct conscious experience of the energy deficiencies and excesses existing in the physical body of the patient, thereby producing effects that are far more substantial than when the practitioner works only from verbal information and gross bodily symptoms. T’ai Chi Chuan helps the practitioner to develop relaxed strength, emotional balance and postural alignment. T’ai Chi Chuan is an excellent means for developing one’s health and vitality.