Courses of Study – Acupuncture Program (BPS/MS)

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Acupuncture Program (BPS/MS)

This 145 credit, nine trimester program leads to a Bachelor of Professional Studies/Master of Science degree in Health Science/Acupuncture. Graduates are eligible to sit for the NCCAOM Acupuncture certification exams which are recognized by New York State for licensure in Acupuncture.

Note that Undergraduate-level courses are marked (U), and Graduate-level courses are marked (G).

Year 1 – 51 or 62 Credits/915 or 1110 Hours
Trimester 114 or 21 Credits/255 or 375 HoursCreditsHours
HS 300Surface Anatomy (U)475
OS 301Fundamental Theory of Oriental Medicine (U)345
AC 301Channels and Points I (U)475
CH 301Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine (U)230
PA 300Introduction to Physical Arts (U)130
*HS 301Anatomy and Physiology I (IF NECESSARY) (U)475
*HS 310Chemistry for the Health Sciences (IF NECESSARY) (U)345
Trimester 219 or 23 Credits/330 or 405 HoursCreditsHours
HS 303Neurology (U)345
OS 302OM Diagnostic Methods (U)345
OS 304OM Pattern ID, Pathomechanisms & Treatment Principles I (U)345
AC 302Channels and Points II (U)475
AT 401Asian Bodywork 1 (Tui Na) (U)245
PA 301/311/321T’ai Chi I/Yoga I/Qi Gong I (U)130
HS 302Anatomy and Physiology II (IN NECESSARY) (U)475
Trimester 318 Credits/330 HoursCreditsHours
HS 304Biochemistry (U)345
HS 305Pathophysiology I (G)345
OS 305OM Pattern ID, Pathomechanisms & Treatment Principles II (U)345
AC 303Channels and Points III (U)475
AC 304OM Palpatory Assessment (U)245
AT 402Asian Bodywork II (Tui Na II) (U)245
PA 302/312/322T’ai Chi II/Yoga II/Qi Gong II (U)130
Year 2 – 52 Credits/990 Hours
Trimester 418 Credits/345 HoursCreditsHours
HS 405Pathophysiology II (G)345
HS 402Western Nutrition (U)345
OS 406TCM Internal Medicine I (U)345
AC 400Acupuncture Points Review (U)245
AC 411Acupuncture Techniques I (G)245
PA 303/313/323T’ai Chi III/Yoga III/Qi Gong III (U)130
C 301Introduction to Clinic (G)245
C 401Clinic Grand Rounds I (G)245
Trimester 517 Credits/300 HoursCreditsHours
HS 401Medical Microbiology & Immunology (G)345
HS 403Patient Assessment I (G)475
OS 407TCM Internal Medicine II (G)345
AC 412Acupuncture Techniques II & New Methods (G)245
HS 406Health Psychology (U)345
C 402Clinic Grand Rounds II (G)245
Trimester 617 Credits/345 HoursCreditsHours
HS 404Patient Assessment II (G)475
HS 407Medical Ethics (U)230
OS 408TCM Gynecology & Male Reproductive Disorders (U)345
OS 405Eastern Nutrition (G)230
C 302Clinical Skills Review (G)130
AC 413Acupuncture Techniques III (Microsystems) (G)245
C 403Clinic Assistantship (G)390

Clinic Entrance Exam

Year 3 – 41 Credits/885 Hours
Trimester 714 Credits/300 HoursCreditsHours
HS 501Internal Medicine I (G)345
HS 503Pharmacology (G)345
C 501Oriental Medicine Clinic I (G)6180
C 511Clinical Analysis & Case Histories I (G)230
Trimester 814 Credits/300 HoursCreditsHours
HS 502Internal Medicine II (G)345
R 511Research Data & Methodology (G)345
C 502Oriental Medicine Clinic II (G)6180
C 512Clinical Analysis & Case Histories II (G)230
Trimester 913 Credits/285 HoursCreditsHours
M 301Practice Management (G)230
C 503Oriental Medicine Clinic III (G)6180
C 513Clinical Analysis & Case Histories III (G)230
Elective (G)345
Total Credits145

Clinic Exit Exam

Suggested Electives – Graduate School of Oriental Medicine
Suggested Electives – Graduate School of Oriental MedicineCreditsHours
AC 501Japanese Acupuncture Diagnostic (elective for OM only) (G)245
AC 502Japanese Acupuncture Technique (elective for OM only) (G)245
AT 311Thai Massage (U)245
C 515AC/OM Clinical Preceptorship (G)245
C 516Herbal Dispensary Preceptorship (G)130
C 517Herbal Preceptorship (G)260
CH 505Patent Herbs (G)345
CH 600Terminal Herbal Competency (G)230
HS 411Western Herbs and Supplements (U)230
OS 511Traumatology/Orthopedics (G)345
OS 515TCM Facial Rejuvenation (G)360
OS 600Terminal Acupuncture Competency (G)230