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Acupuncture Program (BPS/MS)

The 145-credit recommended course of study for the Acupuncture program, with electives, outlined below is designed to be completed in 9 trimesters (3 academic years).  For students who must work at a full-time or part time jobs while in attendance or have other responsibilities outside of school, students may attend New York College as part-time students. Part time students must complete their course study of the Acupuncture program within the maximum of 6 academic years. 

The following 3 courses (total of 11 credits) are prerequisite courses to the program. These credits do not apply towards the Acupuncture (BPS/MS) program’s 145 required credits courses. for completion of the program.

1)      HS 301 Anatomy & Physiology 1 (4 Credits)

2)      HS 302 Anatomy & Physiology 2 (4 Credits)

3)      HS 310 Chemistry (3 Credits)

Note: that Undergraduate-level courses are marked (U), and Graduate-level courses are marked (G).

Year 1 – 48 or 59 Credits
Trimester 114 or 21 CreditsCreditsHours
HS 300Surface Anatomy (U)475
OS 301Fundamental Theory of Oriental Medicine (U)345
AC 301Channels and Points I (U)475
CH 301Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine (U)230
PA 300Introduction to Physical Arts (U)130
*HS 301Anatomy and Physiology I (IF NECESSARY) (U)475
*HS 310Chemistry for the Health Sciences (IF NECESSARY) (U)345
Trimester 216 or 20 CreditsCreditsHours
HS 303Neurology (U)345
OS 302OM Diagnostic Methods (U)345
OS 304OM Pattern ID, Pathomechanisms & Treatment Principles I (U)345
AC 302Channels and Points II (U)475
AT 401Asian Bodywork 1 (Tui Na) (U)245
PA 301/311/321T’ai Chi I/Yoga I/Qi Gong I (U)130
HS 302Anatomy and Physiology II (IN NECESSARY) (U)475
Trimester 318 CreditsCreditsHours
HS 304Biochemistry (U)345
HS 305Pathophysiology I (G)345
OS 305OM Pattern ID, Pathomechanisms & Treatment Principles II (U)345
AC 303Channels and Points III (U)475
AC 304OM Palpatory Assessment (U)245
AT 402Asian Bodywork II (Tui Na II) (U)245
PA 302/312/322T’ai Chi II/Yoga II/Qi Gong II (U)130
Year 2 – 52 Credits
Trimester 418 CreditsCreditsHours
HS 405Pathophysiology II (G)345
HS 402Western Nutrition (U)345
OS 406TCM Internal Medicine I (U)345
AC 400Acupuncture Points Review (U)245
AC 411Acupuncture Techniques I (G)245
PA 303/313/323T’ai Chi III/Yoga III/Qi Gong III (U)130
C 301Introduction to Clinic (G)245
C 401Clinic Grand Rounds I (G)245
Trimester 517 CreditsCreditsHours
HS 401Medical Microbiology & Immunology (G)345
HS 403Patient Assessment I (G)475
OS 407TCM Internal Medicine II (G)345
AC 412Acupuncture Techniques II & New Methods (G)245
HS 406Health Psychology (U)345
C 402Clinic Grand Rounds II (G)245
Trimester 617 CreditsCreditsHours
HS 404Patient Assessment II (G)475
HS 407Medical Ethics (U)230
OS 408TCM Gynecology & Male Reproductive Disorders (U)345
OS 405Eastern Nutrition (G)230
C 302Clinical Skills Review (G)130
AC 413Acupuncture Techniques III (Microsystems) (G)245
C 403Clinic Assistantship (G)390

Clinic Entrance Exam

Year 3 – 45 Credits
Trimester 716 CreditsCreditsHours
AC 501Japanese Acupuncture Diagnostic (G)245
HS 501Internal Medicine I (G)345
HS 503Pharmacology (G)345
C 501Oriental Medicine Clinic I (G)6180
C 511Clinical Analysis & Case Histories I (G)230
Trimester 816 CreditsCreditsHours
AC 502Japanese Acupuncture Technique (G)245
HS 502Internal Medicine II (G)345
R 511Research Data & Methodology (G)345
C 502Oriental Medicine Clinic II (G)6180
C 512Clinical Analysis & Case Histories II (G)230
Trimester 913 CreditsCreditsHours
M 301Practice Management (G)230
C 503Oriental Medicine Clinic III (G)6180
C 513Clinical Analysis & Case Histories III (G)230
Elective (G)345
Total Credits145

Clinic Exit Exam

*Note: The Prerequisites of HS 301 Anatomy and Physiology I and HS 302 Anatomy and Physiology II
must be completed by the end of the first year for a student to continue the program. HS 310 Chemistry
for the Health Sciences must be completed prior to HS 304 Biochemistry. The credits for HS 301, HS 302, and HS 310 do NOT count toward the 145 credits required for the BPS-MS degree.

Suggested Electives – Graduate School of Oriental Medicine
Suggested Electives – Graduate School of Oriental MedicineCreditsHours
AT 311Thai Massage (U)245
C 515AC/OM Clinical Preceptorship (G)245
C 516Herbal Dispensary Preceptorship (G)130
C 517Herbal Preceptorship (G)260
CH 505Patent Herbs (G)345
CH 600Terminal Herbal Competency (G)230
HS 411Western Herbs and Supplements (U)230
OS 511Traumatology/Orthopedics (G)345
OS 515TCM Facial Rejuvenation (G)360
OS 600Terminal Acupuncture Competency (G)230